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Find answers to common questions

1. What happens if I fail a PAT Test?

We will at your request fix the damaged item but if it's beyond repair then it would need replacing.

2. Does King Electrical provide emergency call outs?

Yes we do, we try to attend to situations where a fault is causing no electricity as a priority, endeavouring to arrive on the same day – Monday to Friday.

3. Is your work guaranteed?

Yes our work is guaranteed and the parts we use are under warranty. The work that we carry out is also insured.

4. How often do I need to get my portable appliance's tested?

A Portable Appliance Test is valid for a period of one year.

5. What areas do King Electrical cover?

Most of our work is carried out in London or Middlesex. If you are located outside of these areas then please contact us to see if we can work in your area.

6. How would I know if my property needs rewiring?

There are a few ways that you can tell if your property needs rewiring, below we have listed some examples:

  • Your fuses trip regularly.
  • The cables entering the fuse board are black (they should be grey or white).
  • Your plugs and sockets are rounded.

7. Will I be without electricity whilst you are rewiring my house?

No if we are rewiring your house we will rewire it in sections and complete each section before we leave the property at the end of the working day.

8. What type of inspections & reports do King Electrical provide?

  • We provide certificates or reports on all the tests and inspections that we carry out.
  • A Periodic Inspection Report – A report made in writing on an existing electrical installation.